Japanese Online Learning Course (Sharewis)

“Japanese Online Learning Course” by ShareWis provides “Japanese Learning Course” from JLPT N1 to N5, “N5 level Kanji character study course” and “Hiragana and Katakana study course”.


HP URL : https://share-wis.com/categories/languages


Each course consists of the following number of sections and number of lectures.

N1 Course : 10 sections, 218 lectures

N2 Course : 10 sections, 196 lectures

N3 Course : 10 sections, 176 lectures

N4 Course : 15 sections, 217 lectures

N5 Course : 15 sections, 247 lectures

JLPT N5 level Kanji character study course : 9 sections, 49 lectures

Japanese Hiragana and Katakana study course : 12 sections, 74 lectures


Since you can watch a lot of sample videos on each course, it is safe because we can do enough review before applying formally.



Those with this mark in the following lecture list can be watched free of charge.