JAPANESE-LIVE.COM is an online Japanese language lesson site where students can attend lessons conducted by Japanese lecturers using Skype. With the lowest rates per lesson in the industry, lessons on Japanese culture to Japanese animation and comics are available.


School HP URLhttps://www.japanese-live.com/japanese


Opening date :

Enrollment fee : You won’t incur any fees for a trial lesson or for registration.

Textbook fee :


Lesson fee :


* Sets of 3, 10 and 15 lesson tickets are valid for 3 months.

* Sets of 30 lesson tickets are valid for 6 months.

* Sets of 60 lesson tickets are valid for 12 months.

* Please note that there is a policy of a no refund and no exchange for expired lesson tickets.


Payment Method :

PayPal, credit cards and bank wire transfers are accepted for purchasing lesson tickets.


Equipment necessary for attendance :

You will need a microphone and a camera. (You do not need to buy these if your computer has a built-in camera.)
A microphone and a camera cost about 1,000 to 3,000 yen each. Please purchase these at an electronics store.


Communication means : Skype


Instructors : 74 people (Japanese)



Lesson offer time :

Lesson reservation :

Lesson reservations are accepted up until 1 hour before the lesson starting time.


Lesson cancellation :

Cancellations of lessons are possible up to 12 hour prior to the lesson starting time.
By not performing certain cancellation procedures before 12 hour period,
please note that the ticket for the lesson cannot be refunded.


Trial lesson :

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School introduction video :