Whether you want to learn a new language like Japanese and French, or pick up interests like music and yoga, you’ll find the right online lesson on Cafetalk.

Lessons are offered round the clock with free trials available for many.


School HP URL


Opening date : February 2010

Enrollment fee : Free

Textbook fee :

Students and tutors can decide together whether they want to use specific textbooks or the tutor’s own, original class material.


Lesson fee :

400 ~ 2,000 Points (=Yen) per 1 Lesson (20 ~ 50 minutes)

*Different by instructor.

Points equal Japanese Yen.

1000 points equal roughly 11 USD.

The smallest amount of points students can buy is 500, and they last for 5 months.

There’s no need to buy more than you expect to use.


Payment Method : major credit cards, Paypal and bank transfer


Equipment necessary for attendance :

A device with a camera and microphone (PC, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.


Communication means : Skype


Instructors : Over 200 people



Lesson offer time :

Different by instructor, but with tutors covering all time zones, lessons are basically available 24/7.


Lesson reservation : Directly with the tutor via Cafetalk.


Lesson cancellation :

Depending on tutor, but generally possible without cancellation fee up to 24 hours before the lesson time.


Trial lesson :

Many tutors offer free or discounted trial lessons.

The trial fee and lesson length differs by tutor.