Basic setting of Skype

This webpage describes the basic setting method for Skype (Ver.


When you first start Skype, click “” → “Settings“.

Setting procedure 1


Then the setting screen is displayed as shown below.

Uploading and changing profile images can be done from the top “Profile picture“.

If there are additions / changes such as “Location” and “Birthday“, clicking on them opens the page for editing, so please go there.

Setting procedure 2


In “General“, you can change the color and design etc of Skype.

Also, if you want to launch Skype automatically at the same time as starting up the PC, turn on “Automatically start Skype “.

Setting procedure 3


On the next screen, make settings for “Audio & Video“.

Setting procedure 4

If you click “Make a free test call“, it will lead to the Skype voice test service.

Please set “Automatically adjust microphone settings” to “ON“.

When you click “Test audio“, a Skype ring tone will flow; so drag the ○ part of the slide to adjust it to the appropriate volume.

In the “Camera” area, if the web camera is connected and working properly, images will be displayed automatically.


For the next “Calling” I think that there is no need for particular settings.

Setting procedure 5


There is no need to set up “Messaging” in particular, but if you want to convert emotions for chatting to larger sizes, turn on “Display large emoticons“.

Setting procedure 6

Setting procedure 6-1

When “Display large emoticons” is OFF


Setting procedure 6-2

When “Display large emoticons” is ON


I think that there is no particular problem in the place of “Notifications” as it is.

Setting procedure 7


I do not think that it is necessary to set up “Contacts” in particular, but please click “Blocked contacts” to restore blocked contacts.

Setting procedure 8


In “Help & Feedback“, you can check the version of Skype, the help page of Microsoft, terms of use etc.

Setting procedure 9


If you use Skype at the online Japanese school lesson, there is no problem as long as the above setting is done.

Let’s master Japanese with Skype!


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