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I will explain how to add the contact person to a contact list in Skype (Ver.

In order to make a call with Skype, it is necessary to add each contact to each other’s Skype contact list.


When a request to add a contact from the instructor of the school arrives

When you take a lesson at the online Japanese school, you will receive an additional request from the instructor to the contact.


When an additional request arrives from the other instructor, the name of the instructor will be displayed as follows, so click on there.

add contact procedure 1


Then, since the message from the instructor is displayed as below, confirm that a instructor you reserved and click “Accept“.

add contact procedure 2


Then, a small green circle is displayed on the icon of the other party’s contact as shown below.

This small green circle indicates that it is currently active (callable).

In this case, let’s also return a message from here.

add contact procedure 3


When the transmission of the message is completed, it appears as shown in the red frame below.

add contact procedure 4


This is the only procedure when the instructor’s request to add to the contact list arrives.


If you want to add people to the contact list from here

Enter the Skype name, name, e-mail address, etc. of the person you want to add to the contact in the “Search Skype” box at the top left of Skype’s initial screen.

add contact procedure 5


Then, the partner that matched below it will be displayed as shown below, so click on it.

add contact procedure 6


Then you will see “You haven’t chatted on Skype yet.” in the message area, so enter the message in the blue frame and press the “Enter” key to send it.

add contact procedure 7


When the message is sent, it is displayed in the message area as shown below, and it says “Waiting for ~~~ to accept invitation“.

add contact procedure 8


Here is the procedure for adding contact information of the other party here. Then wait for the other party to “accept”.


When the other party approves “add contact”,  you will be able to check the active status of the other party.

add contact procedure 9


As you can see, if you want to add contacts from other parties here, it is “Simply searching for people and sending messages” so it’s much easier compared to the previous version of Skype.


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