Why Japanese language?

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Why are many people interested in learning the Japanese language?

In recent years, the number of people who learn Japanese seems to increase rapidly worldwide.

But even if you master the Japanese language, that appears to be useful only in Japan.

So, why are many people outside Japan learning Japanese nowadays ?

Sure, there are worldwide much more people who learn French and Spanish, and it can not be said that Japanese is a popular foreign language that people easily start to learn.

Also, the population of Japan is declining slowly year after year and the society counts more and more older people.

For economic reasons it therefore seems not to be a good decision to start learning Japanese.

On the other hand, English is said to be a global common language, but the population that speaks Chinese or Spanish is much bigger than the population that speaks English or Japanese.

So, what does Japanese make so popular?


Animation and idol culture fires up interest in Japanese


It was surely the animation and idol culture that convinced foreigners to start learning Japanese.

If you watch the crowd of fans from overseas, that attend events related to animation etc held in Japan, animation is without doubt very popular.

Among the people, who visited Japan from abroad despite never having been to Japan before, many tell that they “want to understand Japanese animation in Japanese”, or that they want to “talk directly to Japanese idols”.

But there are also people who master the Japanese language completely by self study.

They also did not go to school to learn Japanese.

They managed to learn Japanese from different sources like Japanese TV shows, Japanese dramas uploaded to YouTube and from Japanese animation.

In many cases people consider learning a foreign language as difficult stuff.

When I stayed in Europe, I experienced myself at some occasions that British and French people told me that “they like the sound of the Japanese language itself”.


Presence of SMS at sites and applications on the internet


Nowadays, if you would like to make friends overseas, you can easily find and make friends using SMS etc.

But what if the overseas people do find Japanese friends?

Even if you are asked to register friends from Japan through SMS and apps, the Japanese people will not be able to respond.

Why is that?

Most Japanese people have no or little confidence in their knowledge of the English language.

If they understand that the friend is a foreigner, they are also reluctant to use English.

If you only want to set up chat sessions, the possibility of becoming a friend will rise slightly, but it would be quite difficult to find a real conversation partner for Japanese language.

Also, Japanese people are looking for foreigners to exercise their English to some extent, but are not searching for opportunities to talk their own language with foreign people.


Difficulties to learn Japanese

Many people, who are interested in the Japanese culture and who want to visit Japan some day, will try to acquire knowledge of Japanese.

On the internet, there are many videos to learn Japanese even free of charge.

Some of them are created by individuals, others are operated by education affiliates.

However, most of these training or education videos only show examples and hints of learning methods.

For those who really want to learn Japanese, this is mostly not satisfactory.


Presence of online school


Currently, I operate different sites that introduce online schools, where Japanese people can learn either English, or Chinese or Korean, in the cheapest way and at home.

Would it not be cool that English speaking friends overseas could learn Japanese Online ?

And there are surely existing Japanese language schools that want to meet that demand for Online lessons.

This site has been opened with the intention to act as a Comparison site for Online Japanese Language Schools.

In the transition period of the development of Online schools, I will make useful information available to those who want to learn the Japanese language.

I can offer our full experience of running comparative sites for other language schools.

Many foreign people would be happy if they can understand and speak Japanese, become a master in Japanese, and gain full access to the precious Japanese culture and the hearts of the Japanese people.

Click here for the list of online schools.